Ultrasonic Testing of Components


Ultrasonic testing is an inspection method which is part of the family of nondestructive testing processes. In ultrasonic testing, short, high frequency sound waves are transmitted through a component or raw material. This inspection method detects internal flaws such as voids, inclusions, cracks, delamination, and other internal defects of the object being inspected and/or to characterize the materials.

This testing method is used in critical safety and quality related applications. Components tested include: welds, beams, forgings, pipelines, tanks, engines, frames, railroad rails, turbines, heavy machinery and castings.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Testing:
• Detection of flaws can be found deep in the part being inspected because of the processes high penetrating power
• Method is highly accurate in determining position of anomalies and estimating size and shape
• As this is a nondestructive test, the integrity of the component or material being tested remains unharmed
• Test results are highly repeatable and reliable

At Pierce, our Customers often require the parts we manufacture receive ultrasonic testing. By partnering with vendors that perform these tests, we are able to confirm and verify that our welds and fabricated components adhere to the standards and parameters required by our Customers.


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