Remanufacturing & Assembly

By Remanufacturing complex sub-assemblies, our customers are able to increase the lifespan of their products in the field without having to purchase new, costly components.

The Remanufacturing process involves the dis-assembly of products with the parts then being cleaned, reused, replaced or repaired after which they are reassembled resulting in a product (or sub-assembly of a product) being returned to like new condition. Through this process, like-new products are made from worn, traded, discarded units.

Our workforce brings a plethora of experience in this space. We collaborate with Customers to create clear guidelines to make decisions about component condition, ensuring a cost effective and quality remanufactured assembly. If parts need to be replaced, Pierce has an extensive data base from which it can source what is required.

We are in compliance with the Remanufacturing Industries Council ANSI RIC001.1-2016.

Remanufacturing Services Provided

  • Process development and documentation by our Manufacturing Engineers
  • Remanufacture of complete machine or sub-assemblies
  • Parts procurement and inventory control
  • Strip, salvage and mining of parts to be supplied for production of new product
  • Issuance of a variety of reports to inform product Engineers of areas requiring improvement
  • Reclaim of roller cores to include stripping hardware and coatings and re-machining as necessary

Advantages of Remanufacturing

  • Extends lifespan of products
  • Allows Customers to support products in the field
  • Produces cost savings
  • Supports “Green Initiatives” through conserving natural resources, energy and materials

Remanufacturing Process Example

Beginning of Teardown

Component Disassembly


Remanufacturing Complete

Remanufacturing Photos


Completely Remanufactured Booklet Maker for Xerox.  View the Case Study Here

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