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At Pierce Industries we provide precision services to Customers in a wide range of industries. Schedule an Engineering Consultation and learn how Pierce Industries can reduce your raw material costs, improve production time and increase your competitiveness in the marketplace.

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Altering Roller Design Reduced Cost by 56%

View Project

How We Reduced an Aerospace Customers Raw Material Costs

By welding two dissimilar metals using Inertia Friction Welding, we reduced raw material cost for an Aerospace Customer.View Project

Manufacturing a Bi-Metal Roller Reduced Total Cost by 48%

By combining Inertia Friction Welding, Roll Forming, CNC Machining and Coating Applications, we manufactured a custom roller that reduced total cost.View Project

By Combining Inertia Welding and CNC Machining We Reduced Cost and Time

Through Inertia Welding and CNC Machining, we machined rods and reduced production time.View Project

Cylindrical Roll Forming and Inertia Welding Significantly Reduced Production Time

Custom Inertia Friction Welding and Cylindrical Roll Forming decreases waste and production time.View Project

Custom Remanufacturing of a Booklet Maker Increased Product Life-Span

Remanufacturing of Office Products allows us to increase product life-span for our Customers.View Project