Custom Roller Designs by Pierce Industries

Rollers are the heart of the Packaging Industry. Give your clients a healthy heart, with Precision Rollers from Pierce.  

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What makes us stand out from the rest?

  • We use Inertia Friction Welding
    • allows us to design rollers in ways that traditional machining processes cannot
  • We employ Cylindrical Roll Forming   
    • engineers more rollers in less time and uses less material
  • We have 19 CNC Machines
    • we can handle large orders and get your designs completed on time and on budget

Benefits of Pierce Industries Precision Roller Manufacturing

✔️ Innovative process reduces waste – saving you money
✔️ Less wastes means lower material cost
✔️ Automation reduces need for MIG/TIG welding
✔️ Increased profit margins

We Focus on Improving Industrial Rollers

The advantages of Pierce Industries is our capability to use a combination of methods to manufacture rollers that perfectly suit your application.

Tell our engineers what you need and let us improve your roller designs.

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