inertia friction welding for cnc machining

How to Reduce CNC Machining Time & Cost

webSURGE Inertia Friction Welding

We’ve met many manufacturing businesses that could maximize their profits by combining CNC machining with innovative manufacturing techniques. Combining innovative techniques, such as inertia friction welding, with CNC machining can significantly reduce lead time and material cost. Let’s take a closer look at how combining your CNC machining process with this technique can benefit your manufacturing business. How Inertia Friction …

custom roll forming

Reduce Manufacturing Costs with Custom Roll Forming

webSURGE Cylindrical Roll Forming

In the manufacturing industry, lowering costs through innovative processes is always highly sought after. In order to stay competitive, most manufacturing companies look for ways to lower labor costs, reduce material waste, find ways to lower needed maintenance, and add more automation to their processes. Pierce Industries has succeeded in helping customers with each of these goals using our innovative …

Pierce Industries new positions

Pierce Industries Announces New President

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CEO of Pierce Industries, Dick Webb, was very pleased to announce today that Pat Sennett is assuming the position of President, Dan Rockafellow is assuming the position of Vice President, and Elaine Deacon is assuming the position of Manager – Remanufacturing and Assembly. This action establishes capable leadership that will drive the future growth of Pierce Industries and will ensure …

What Is Remanufacturing? (And What It Isn’t)

webSURGE Remanufacturing

As Pierce Industries defines the term, remanufacturing is taking a used product, or component of that product, and converting it to a like-new condition so that it is the equivalent of a new product in terms of: performance specifications appearance The cost of the remanufactured product is expected to be only a fraction of the equivalent new product; nevertheless, a …

What Is Inertia Welding?

webSURGE Inertia Welding

Are you looking to reduce production time and material cost? Don’t risk losing a competitive edge in the marketplace by overlooking inertia welding. Categorized under friction welding, inertia welding joins metal parts together by force: a rotating component is pressed against a stationary component. This friction creates heat that allows the metals to flow and bond at the weld interface. …